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Freed up capital and flexibility

Nordisk Renting helps to capture the long-term value of real estate. Our partnerships combine stability and flexibility in a way that creates benefits for both business and society.

In a renting deal, a company or public sector body sells its property to Nordisk Renting and then continues to use it. The concept can also be applied in connection with new builds. A purchase option gives the customer the opportunity to buy the property back.

In our renting concept, the client has continuing control of key aspects of the property. Our business partner retains access to and influence over strategically important premises. Capital is freed up for investment in their core operation. The debt/equity ratio decreases and the access to bank finance remains intact.

The solution is ideal for financially sound companies and public sector organisations with properties that are of great strategic importance to their operations.

Nordisk Renting is a property-owning company but not a property company. We do more than meet traditional needs related to premises, and our solutions are tailor-made. Our focus is on matching the customer’s needs, irrespective of property cycles. We offer a niche product and we are a niche company, in the most positive sense.

Flexibility for the customer is a key issue. Having relationships that are mutually beneficial requires us to be adaptable as customers’ operations evolve.

We are proud to say that we have been and continue to be successful, because the prime success factor is our customers. Long-term collaboration and strong partnerships are our primary hallmarks.

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